Growing up in a home rooted in Jamaican roots and culture, we enjoyed tea every morning. Like we had to have it before we went off to school. Not that we would get in trouble but our parents always wanted us to start the day off right with something warm in our bellies. Usually it was peppermint tea or lemongrass tea. I have a lot of siblings, so unlike how I make tea currently cup by cup, our tea was brewed in a big ol pot. Thinking back on those memories actually gives me a good chuckle but also warms my heart. It didn’t matter if we where running late, a parent was always there to say “you have your tea yet”? It’s just part of our tradition and our heritage. In the Jamaican culture it’s pretty funny how “drink some tea” is told to you for everything from a soar throat to a heavy cough to a belly ache. It’s like the end all cure LOL.

Throughout college, I carried the tea drinking ritual all the way through which really helped me get through some of my toughest days. Also in college, I bought my first pair of jeans. I quickly learned when it came to jeans, I had to look for something of quality that could last and stay with me just like my childhood rituals/habits did.

Signature by Levi Strauss and Co denim jeans at Walmart steeped in tradition and heritage, just like myself, I’m always happy to slip on a pair of their jeans. They are easy to wear, come in on trend washes and I really like the way they fit. I think my favorite part quite honestly is that these jeans are not only affordable but they are made of the same quality fabric that you would find in more expensive denim.

The Modern Slim Cuff Jeans are the ones I’ve been loving lately. These will quickly become a new favorite brand of jeans for you too.


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