Beauty Products for Dry Humid Weather

With our Palm Springs, CA trip quickly approaching, today I wanted to share with you some of the beauty products I’m taking on this trip and the reason why. Desert weather is very different from what you may find in other parts of the country, therefore you have to equip your skin with what it needs to look it’s best and maintain it’s resiliency and glow for when you get back to your part of the country. So here we go.

The Parsley Seed Toner from Aesop Parsley Seed Facial toner is one of my favorite antioxidant products. It’s cool and refreshing, while the lavender and chamomile in it it will be a welcome treat to my dry skin out there.

Prism from Herbivore  will keep my skin bright and glowing with its gentle fruit acids

josie maran products

My Darphin Intral lightweight shield sunscreen isn’t to heavy on my skin (which I absolutely love in weather that is humid) and it has a whopping SPF 50 broad spectrum shield to help keep my skin from burning.

My So Luxury Sweet Orange Body Oil will play double duty in my bath and will help to revitalize my skin after time in the chlorine pool.

skin care for dry humidity

The Ultra Repair Hydra Firm Sleeping Cream from First Aid Beauty isn’t going to be used just at night. I will use it during the morning as well as it’s super hydrating and will help to combat the dry desert heat.

My Josie Maran exfoliating cleansing powder is going to be perfect for traveling because it is a powder that when wet foams to deeply clean my skin. My skin will so appreciate it out there after a long day or sand and sun.

Regardless of where you travel, be sure to bring beauty products that will benefit your skin in the weather conditions you will be in.

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