Floral Prints. A Hot Trend for Spring 2017

floral prints tops

Have you noticed all the floral prints hitting the stores yet loves? Your eyes are not deceiving you. Floral prints are hot hot hot for Spring 2017. I’m generally not someone to go for bold prints, and there haven’t been to many floral print tops that have caught my eye (and trust me I’ve seen plenty). However, one such top, with its bold colors mixed with softer pretty tones, had me at hello. Florals mixed with stripes??? YIKES!!! Yes, that totally would have been me in the past. This time, I thought I should try something new and outside of my style comfort zone. By wearing this floral print shirt unbuttoned against the simple clean backdrop of a classic white tee, I was able to embrace the look effortlessly. Now for those of you, perhaps like me who would normally shy away from such prints, this is a great way to take your classic style to the next level. This shirt can easily be worn to work with say a pair of these ankle jeans (which comes in 3 colors) or even a pencil skirt like this. I personally wouldn’t wear a printed top like this with ripped jeans as it may just be to much. Modesty, with a trend like this, is a much more practical way to wear this look on multiple occasions.

plus size floral print tops

floral prints tops


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