Cost Plus World Market Spring Review


About 2 weeks ago, myself and another group of bloggers were invited to the Cost Plus World Market Home Trends event at their store front in Chelsea. It was wonderful to meet many of the people behind a brand that I just absolutely LOVE! They shared lots of tidbits with us including these facts: The company was started in 1958, they have 227 stores across the country, they are fashion oriented in their approach to what they retail, meaning they pay attention to shape, style and texture and last but not least the 3 principals that are important to them as a company are that the products they sell are unique, authentic and affordable. I know this is true because when I lived briefly in Ohio, I frequented 2 of their stores often and could see these principals were clearly a part of what they stood for as a brand.

Trends this Spring that you will see at World market are bold colors, butterfly themes, tassels, texture and patterns. Also, a HUGE trend now at many retailers of home décor are mid century pieces. It’s not quite my style but I figured I’d let you all know. One super important thing I learned is that when it come to items you see at World Market…if you love it get it! Why you ask? because they buy in small quantities so when an item is gone…it’s gone. Not that it won’t be back but some never come back and some take weeks or months to come back. Check them out to see all the fabulosity they have to offer. I promise, you won’t regret it!


From the Artist Cacoon Collection


enchanted collection

From the Enchanted Collection (I just so LOVE this, mostly because I love pink and texture)

pink pictures








Did you know you could mix and match their lamp bases and shades? I love this concept! I’ve tried doing this at another popular home decor store and…yeah lets just say that luxury ins’t an option there LOL.



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