Tips For Creating Hygge In Your Home

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), wait what? What does that word even mean? Well it’s a Danish word that is very much a part of their culture and it summarizes everything you could think of that evokes a sense of cozy, comfort, joy and simplicity.

You may have seen the word floating around in the media or on the gram to describe decor, but to me, it’s really a feeling that hype brings to your home vs. a look. To me, the style really seems Scandinavian at its core with a cozy vibe. It’s easy to associate hygee with a feeling of being cozy, comfy, invited and warm and fuzzy. You will see lots of “hygee” vibes floating around this time of year in the winter, but I love having a hygee vibe year round. I love when someone enters my home and they instantly say “omg this is so cozy” I didn’t intentionally design my home to feel that way, it’s just the things I’m drawn to that make it feel that way.

If you are looking for ways to Hygee your home year round, try incorporating the following tips.


Make the old new again. Incorporate vintage items that work esthetically with your decor. Could be as simple as old books, old brass candles sticks or a little wood stool, table or chair.


One of the key things about enjoying a hygee lifestyle is the love of candles. There can never be to many candles lit at once in the home. They bring a sense of calm and serenity that only candles can d0, as well as bring a beautiful glow of warmth into your home. If you need some candle brands to try, you might one to check out these 3 candle brands on the and the candles from my personal beauty brand Amenda Beauty

hygge decor


Keep the color palette in your home neutral. Think about the colors found naturally outside. Shades of white, cream brown/tan and then throw in calming shades of grey for a modern touch. These colors lend to simplicity in design and creates a cozy relaxing esthetic to your home.

how to add hygee to your home


Bring in the textures. Oh textures, how you have my heart. I love pretty texture. From a variety of dried grasses/flowers, faux fur rugs, knotted pillows/ottomans, to linen fabrics, brass (yes metal is texture). The use of textures is a easy way to add visual interest to your home.

I hope this post inspires you to bring a little hygge into your life.

how to add hygge to your home





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