My New Home Cloffice Closet System

Well, it’s here! We are still not quite settled into the new house. Boxes are all over the garage but room by room we are getting things done. I’m finally ready to show you all my new cloffice closet system from Closets by Liberty. I’ve partnered with Liberty Hardware to show you how easy it is to level up your closets. If you all remember I had a previous shelving/storage system in my last home which I couldn’t take with me to this new house due to its size. 

So, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to partner with Closets by Liberty on my new dressing room. They had several sizes that I could have chosen from, and I went with the 6-foot traditional unit system which fits my space perfectly! I absolutely love it. 


This cloffice space is smaller than my last home so I had to design it from scratch vs. just moving everything over. So the beginning of the cloffice needed to start with how I would store my clothes. Even though the room has a small closet in it (shoes, dresses, and my jewelry box are in it) I wanted to have quick and easy access to my capsule pieces (the basic pieces of clothing I rotated on a daily basis) and wanted an open storage solution for this. I needed a closet system that came in various sizes for me to choose from, had the ability to add or remove shelves as I needed, and one that was very sturdy and would last me years. I found it all in this system. 


The system was easy to order and arrived on time. It does come in several boxes but they are lettered for ease and securely packed. No pieces arrived broken or missing which was quite refreshing. I didn’t need many tools to assemble it, just your standard tools you would have at home.

Once the closet was ready to go in, the hubby brought all the boxes out of the garage and laid them out on the floor (because of the quality of this system) this is a two-man job. So please have someone help you. 

Once all was up there in the room, we laid out all the pieces and the work began. We first put together the tall aluminum pieces (the body I should say) … that was pretty easy honestly. Then we secured the pieces to the top that would hold the poles the hangers would go on. Once done with that, we ended up securing ours to the wall (not that it’s necessary) but we did and wow, this thing is solid!!

closets by liberty review



closets by liberty



closets by liberty review

Let me list some of the amazing things I love most about this closet system:

  1. It’s a fresh take on storage solutions, it’s strong as it’s made of aluminum. 
  2. Quick and easy to put tougher. My six-foot until only took 2 hours 
  3. Even after it’s installed you can reconfigure, move, and adjust it. 

The storage system also comes in 4-foot, 8-foot, 10-foot length options. A standout feature for me of the Closet by Liberty system is that they can be used free-standing (the way mine is) or they fit right inside your existing closet space. It really makes for an easy and beautiful solution for storing your clothes and accessories. Oh and did I mention the number of drawers and shelves you install is up to you. Choose however many you want. The drawers are nice and deep and are even soft close. Which speaks to the quality of the unit. 

I’m super happy with the Closets by Liberty system and looking forward to enjoying it for years to come.


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  1. 10.12.20
    Neti said:

    Such a crisp and well organized space. Made me take a better look at my closet needs right away. . .

    • 10.29.20
      therusticlife said:

      Thank you Neti, I really love how it turned out!

  2. 11.27.20
    Shirley said:

    Hi Sandra! Everything is beautiful, but, I noticed your gold tray!!! I LoVE yours, and, I have been looking for just the right one. Please tell me that I can find it somewhere!!!? TY.

    • 12.6.20
      therusticlife said:

      Hi Shirley, It’s Vintage. Im sure if you check etsy you could find something

  3. 12.25.20
    Amber said:

    Hi. Do you have an affiliate link?

    • 1.13.21
      therusticlife said:

      I don’t but head on over to the link to the company 🙂 They are great!

    • 2.7.21
      therusticlife said:

      I don’t for this but be sure to check out the website 🙂 I appreciate you asking XO