My Thoughts On The New Olay Retinol24

OK loves so here we go. I’m really loving this new OLAY Retinol24. So I have tried all 3 of the products (moisturizer, eye cream and serum). By far my favorite one to use has been the moisturizer. You don’t have to use all 3 products. Just use the one that will help you towards the skin concerns you have. (Eye cream for fine lines/wrinkles. Moisturizer for all over the face texture/pigment issues and the serum is great for layering under any moisturizer you have). 

I really like that my skin isn’t feeling irritated like some retinols have caused it to be in the past. Also there is no irritating fragrance in it which is so smart of OLAY to not include. Another great thing about the formulation, unlike most retinols which can’t be used, this one is enhanced with a Vitamin B3 which makes it really nice to be able to use it everyday without my skin getting really dry and it’s not greasy at all.

My skin is smoother, brighter and it even feels a bit more hydrated. I will say this. Everyone’s skin is different, but 96% of people who tested Retinol24 didn’t have any irritation. That’s huge guys! So don’t hesitate to give this one a try. It’s super easy to work into your current skin care routine. 

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