What Are Collagen Peptides and Why I Love Them

A collagen peptide post? Oh my it’s here. It’s finally here. I’ve promised I’d share my experience with this stuff over on my instagram page for some time now and… oh well, life happened…and it just kept happening. Alas though, I’ve sat down to share my personal experience with collagen peptide and why it will now be a part of the way I live on my way to living a happier healthier life. I had heard about this sometime early last year and I even searched it out and did research about it. I wasn’t quite ready to purchase at that time so I passed. With my hypothyroidism being a chronic part of my daily life and my joints being effected from my thyroid issues, I decided…hell yeah, it’s worth a shot. My heavens what was I waiting for. It’s worth EVERY. SINGLE.PENNY!

First off lets talk about the basics. What is collagen? Well first and foremost, it is a connective tissue from cows, and sometimes chickens or fish scales and are made up of amino acids and is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key constituent of all connective tissues. Collagen is a safe and natural ingredient available and comes in varying grades. It’s solubility, absorption and digestibility levels vary from one grade to another. They act as building blocks, renewing bodily tissues, such as skin, bones and joints. It has been proposed that collagen peptides may act as a messenger to the cells and trigger the synthesis and reorganization of new collagen fibers, thereby supporting our tissue structure. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated collagen peptides’ health benefits. Key areas of benefit include healthy aging, joint and bone health, sports nutrition and skin beauty (hair, skin and nails). Collagen peptides are cold water-soluble and highly bioavailable and bioactive. This makes them a better option for functional foods and beverages.


The collage peptide that I have been using and LOVING for the past few months are from Vital Protein. I heard really good things about the purity and quality of there products so that’s why I went with their brand. Here is what they have to say Collagen Peptides:

“”Collagen peptides are short chain amino acids naturally derived from pasture-raised, grass-fed collagen protein. Unlike gelatin, these peptides are soluble in cold liquids as well as hot. Collagen peptides contain the same amino acids as gelatin which are identical to the protein found in skin, nails, hair, bones, cartilage, and joints. Gluten Free, rBGH Free, Non GMO.”


See I told you…this stuff is good! I’m not into gimmicks and I really make it a point to share brands and companies that I love, can relate to and really believe in. I love how much better I feel on this stuff. I will tell you truthfully I started slacking on using it for like almost two weeks and OMG did I notice a difference. My joints were feeling a little stiff again (a side effect of hypothyroidism) and I needed that feeling to go away quickly. (FYI … Did you know that 90% of our bone mass is collagen? Research has shown that in addition to vitamins and minerals(calcium, vitamin D, k2), collagen supplementation has been shown to stimulate bone formation. Collagen has also been proven as an effective treatment of osteoarthritis and joint pain). So I don’t ever want to be off this stuff again. One of the things I also noticed  a HUGE difference in was my skin. It looked healthier, more supple My nails too where off the chain. (wait … do you know what off the chain means)? Well it means they were AWESOME as they grew much longer, quicker and thicker than ever before. Just like my joints suffered when I took that break, so did my nails. My gel manicures were not lasting as long as as my nails were cracking. One of the other benefits I noticed was it help to manage my weight. I always added it to my smoothies and I felt that it didn’t upset my stomach and put a spike in my blood sugar levels.


If you watch my instastories, you would see that I use the unflavored collagen peptide or the vanilla collagen peptide everyday in my smoothies. This easy Matcha Coconut Banana Health Drink recipe is a great one to try and add the collagen peptide into (and guess what, they just came out with this Match Collagen product which can be added to the recipe) You can’t taste the collagen peptide so it blends seamlessly into any hot/cold fluid. I’ve also added it to things like applesauce, soups and even in my home made honey/apple cider vinegar salad dressing. Really, you can add it to anything.  For you coffee lovers like me, they recently launched a collagen creamer (um yeah I think that is a must have for my coffee) maybe I should put that on my Christmas wish list as well as the mixed berry collagen peptide (I’ve been eyeing that one since I use organic berries a lot in my smoothies).

So let’s recap the top 3 benefits of collagen shall we:

 Supports Bone and Joint Health

Supports Healthy Gut

Contributes to Weight Management

This post was long overdue as I have been wanting you all to know just how much adding the Vital Protein products into my wellness journey has changed my life. If wellness and healthy living is a priority for you, then you must give this a try. Come join this wellness journey with me and see how you feel. This is one of the best things I’ve done for my myself in 2017 and will do forever.


1. Collagen Peptides / 2. Collagen Beauty Greens / 3. Vanilla Collagen Creamer / 4. Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides / 5. Matcha Collagen / 6. Collagen Veggie Blend

7. Marine Collagen / 8. Collagen Beauty Water-Strawberry Lemon


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  1. 11.29.17
    Rosi said:

    Hi, what is the difference between the blue one and the yellow one, do yo take both at the same time ?

    • 11.29.17
      therusticlife said:

      The yellow has probiotics in it as well as hyauloronic acid (which helps build collagen and retain moisture) in there. Plus it’s vanilla/ coconut.

  2. 11.29.17
    Cathy said:

    Hi Sandra I was wondering can/ do you add more than one to a smoothie ? Don’t want to over do it I’m new on this whole collagen. I did go and buy the packets today. I’m hoping it’ll do what I’ve been hearing . Oh but the way love watching your insta stories

    • 11.29.17
      therusticlife said:

      Hi Cathy, If you bought the packets, then I would just do one per smoothie. Like I used to say to say to my skin care clients when it came to putting on a mask, just because you put in on thicker doesn’t mean it will do more. So save your money and use one packet at a time. Results will come with consistency. I’ll be sharing more products from them as I add them into my life. I feel they have the best/purest collagen on the market.

  3. 12.1.17
    Julie George said:

    Incredible substance Sandra. Truthfully I think you could market anything because you are that remarkable and sincere. I don’t usually go beyond the profile and I’m following like 600 people. I apologize for not being active on your blog. Still you know I am and will be for eternity one of your biggest fans and best friends. No matter where our journey takes us. I will track down that scarf and get it!! Of course I’ll catch up with you soon. The trip.to Maine was first in 6 months. I’m stuck practically by my father’s side for a third of my week and the remaining I spend with the kids. ..i hope someone taped the tree lighting cause I passed out early. I love you my sweet sandy…lets get lunch in before year is up nmw nmw. I have to go to Pennsylvania and I am formally inviting you to adventure there and maybe do an interior make over for the house when ready. I am planning to go there upon feces graduation. God willing my father has passed by then as he is slowly deteriorating …
    Looove your page and blog but I love you far more. Shoot for the stars as always Sandra and let’s do lunch❤❤❤❤❤❤maybe even this week before I o to Pennsylvania. Wednesday is best day for me

    • 12.2.17
      therusticlife said:

      You know I love you to pieces! You will ALWAYS be my BFF and yes, I think a trip to PA is much overdue for our girl time. I love you!

  4. 12.4.17
    Julie said:

    Hi Sandra,
    This is really intriguing! How much/how often do you add to your food? Once a day or in everything you can?
    This may really help me,. Thanks for sharing!

    • 12.7.17
      therusticlife said:

      Hi Julie, I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this. Add it once a day to the beverage/food of your choice. You really should give it a try! It’s changed my life for the better! XO

  5. 12.5.17
    Chaundra said:

    So glad you shared this!!!☺️

    • 12.7.17
      therusticlife said:

      I’m happy you found this so helpful Chaundra 🙂

  6. 12.29.17
    liz said:

    Where can I purchase these items

    • 12.29.17
      therusticlife said:

      Hi Liz, please scroll down the post, the product links are at the bottom of the post.

  7. 3.26.18
    DJ White said:

    This is great news for me! I have been searching for something natural to help me manage all of the symptoms you mentioned. Im currently taking Levothyroxine and am feeling less tired but my joints, skin, nails and hair are still suffering!! Plus I can’t seem to lose weight! My hair dresser noticed my hair not being as thick as it used to be! With that said Im excited to give these products a try. Thanks so much for sharing.!

    • 3.27.18
      therusticlife said:

      I’m so happy you read this article. The side effects of having hypothyroidism can be challenging to say the least. this has helped me so much and hope it does for you as well! XO

  8. 3.26.18

    Sandra, thank you for this heads up!! I just had total right knee replacement and don’t intend to have another joint problem. I will incorporate Collagen Peptides to my diet. Thanks again. Mignon (female)

    • 3.27.18
      therusticlife said:

      Mignon, this will help you feel better so much sooner! Just stick with it OK! Happy healing my friend!

  9. 10.22.18
    Lafern bella said:

    I started with collagen peptides. Two weeks ago how long before I see the difference in my knees and other joints in my body?

    • 10.23.18
      therusticlife said:

      Hi Lafern,

      It really depends. But I used the products for at least at least two months before I even tried to mention how it worked. Give it some time. Your body rejuvenates continually but a few weeks isn’t really enough. Just stick with it!