Chocolate Strawberry Collagen Peptide Smoothie

Good morning loves, happy Wellness Wednesday. I’m feeling really great after finishing whole 30. I lost 6 pounds and I’m staying on track to continue my wellness journey. I’m starting to get more into working out so that’s been exciting. I’ve tried some fitness classes and video workouts but I still haven’t found that thing I love. So the hunt for that perfect workout routine that gets me revved up is still yet to be found. Today’s smoothie recipe is really simple and a go to one I’ve been loving lately. Can I get an amen to dark chocolate and strawberries being delicious first thing in the morning. My most favorite thing about this product from Vital Protein, is that it actually taste like a rich dark chocolate. I don’t know how they did it, but some chocolate health products taste so fake. Not here folks. Straight up dark chocolate is what you expect and that is what you get. I’m loving using this in my smoothies and I’m thinking adding it to a cookie recipe would be great too.

protein smothie



1/2 ripe banana

4 organic strawberries

2 scoops of Dark Chocolate and Blackberry Collagen Peptide (CLICK HERE TO BUY)

8 oz unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop of your favorite protein powder (mine is featured in the photo) this helps to add more protein and sugar.

2 ice cubes

Put this all together in a blender and enjoy.

NOTE: The addition of protein powder is for sweetener and more protein. If you don’t want a sweeter smoothie or don’t want/need more protein (there are already 18 grams in the collagen peptide) you can skip adding the protein powder.

VALENTINES DAY IS RIGHT AROUND THIS CORNER: This Vital Protein Bundle is a special offer in celebration of that. It will make the perfect gift to your loved one, letting them know you care and what them around for many years to come.


lean one protein powder

protein powder


I keep my protein powder in an airtight jar on my wellness bar along with my other wellness products my hubby and I both use. Check out how to make your own wellness bar on this post. If you missed my post on what the collagen peptides from Vital Protein has done for my health and body, then check out this must read blog post.


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