Girl Talk Edition 6: 8 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas


Date night with your hubby/boyfriend/partner. For some of us it’s a normal thing that happens 1 to 2 times a month, for others, with a busy family and work schedule, it happens 1 to 2 times a year. Ewwww just typing that … 1 to 2 times a year sounds so sad to me. You and your hubby/boyfriend/partner need more you and me time. (speaking of you + me … if you don’t have the album YOU + ME from Rose Ave, you should. It’s one of those albums I listen to mostly with my hubby. It’s a collaborative album between Pink (yes that Pink) and Dallas Green of City and Colour … listen and find it here. Now back to date night. Even before my hubby and I divorced and even after remarrying, we find date night to be one of the most important things we do for our relationship. We both work very hard at our jobs and there can be times that weeks go by that we spent hardly any time together or even have sex because we are go go going. Date night is our commitment to time for us. A time to relax, rewind and reconnect. Catch up on life, what’s going on in the news, share our feelings of things that have been on our minds about what’s going on in the marriage (what’s right and what’s wrong). You don’t want to fight, just communicate. You have to make your relationship a priority. Turn off the computers and unplug from technology. It’s hard for me to do, but I do this whenever we have our stay at home date nights. He really loves that all my attention is on him. Men can be emotionally needy just as much as we are. Don’t let them fool you into thinking other wise.

So with that said, here are some Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas I hope you find useful in spending some you and me time with your hubby/boyfriend/partner.

1. Make a simple pasta dinner together: I say pasta because it’s easy peasy for a guy and it’s quick in case you have to squeeze it in after the kids are sent to bed early for your special night. Don’t forget the wine.

2. Have a picnic: If it’s a beautiful warm day, have a picnic in the backyard. Why do you need to go to the park? Grab a basket and a blanket, some wine and cheese and sandwiches and some dessert. Sit. Talk. Communicate.

3. Give each other massages: Giiiiirl he will be putty in your hands the next day. I promise! Check out YouTube for some good technique ideas.

4. Play Would You Rather: Pull out your phones and pull up this website and play Would You Rather…I promise, this and a glass of wine with some music and candles around you. A totally fun time for you both.

5. Grown up bath time: Take a bubble bath together and talk about your love story … “remember when…” we’ve done this and it really is a special time down memory lane. Recap, how you met, why you feel in love and special memories. Let it flow naturally.

6. Netflix and Chill: Sometimes we bing watch our girly show by ourselves on Netflix right … instead, pop some popcorn and find something new you both would like to watch together. A series you have heard good things about is a great place to start. We did that with Breaking Bad and Walking Dead.

7. Chocolate + Strip Trivia: Have an assortment of mini chocolate desserts at the ready and boy oh boy need I say more.

8. Play the Newly Wed Game: Even if you aren’t newlyweds, this is totally a fun idea to do with a nice cocktail in hand, the laughs will just keep on rolling. Find great questions here.


Now … are you ready for date night? I am!



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  1. 11.22.16
    Jess said:

    Cute post!! Totally opposite, but do you have a couple restaurant recommendations in CT for an anniversary??? Thanks!

    • 11.22.16
      therusticlife said:

      Hi Jess, Thanks so much! Great Anniversary restaurants are Max’s Downtown and Capital Grille (in Hartford) Treva and Grants are in West Hartford. I know more, but not sure where in CT you live.