Tips On How To Organize Your Kitchen

With the new year comes the urgent feel that organizing is at the top of your to do list. From the organization of Christmas décor you are putting away to your linen closet, getting a space in your home organized is tops for many people.

Today I’m sharing tips on how I keep an organized kitchen and I hope these ideas help you create a space that works for you.

My first, and I mean first thing I do when I start to reorganize a space is to assess items and declutter. Think about the last time you used something. If it’s been 6 months to a year, chances are you really don’t need it and it’s time to give it away or donate it. (I’m not talking about things such as dishes you may use for holidays or special occasions, but things like cookbooks, cooking utensils you never use, coffee mugs, old pots, stuff in your junk drawer and cracked/chipped dishes.

Next, I think about the aesthetic of the things in that space. Do the colors work well together and ultimately do they work well with the colors in my home? I’m a big fan of neutral colors so for me, keeping most of my everyday dishes in neutral/white tones gives me a sense of having a calm, cohesive and less distracting space. Take a look at my kitchen cabinets. Think about how it would look to the eye if my cabinets where filled with a bunch of mixed matched pieces in various bold colors. This color palette and way of life isn’t for everyone, but if you can, stick to one to three colors max in your kitchen. It’s easier on the eyes.

tips on organizing your kitchen

I then think about how I use food in my home. What do I usually need quick access to and what would I like to keep tucked away.

For me, clear glass jars are an easy way to see what you have so you can quickly get to it (or send your kid for something) and not have them coming back and saying “mom I can’t find it”! Is it me or do kids not have the patience to actually “look for something” when you send them for it LOL.  Vintage and new mason jars are an easy way to see everyday cooking items from coffee, to beans to breadcrumbs and even things items you use in your smoothies. They are very inexpensive and they look nice and neat on a shelf. You can see how some of these clear jars look on our wellness shelf in this post.

Last but not least, think about HOW you cook and use your kitchen. Think about zones (areas in which things happen in your daily life when you use the kitchen). Where do you season up your food? Keep all your seasonings in that space. Where do you chop and prepare meals? Keep cutting boards and knives near by as well as ensure you have enough lighting above that food prep area. Where do make your morning coffee? Should your sugar be way over there or right next to the coffee? These zones will have you working not just efficiently in your kitchen but these zones will make everyday life in the kitchen a little easier.

Kitchens are the hub of most homes, so make sure yours is working for you!

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