• RumChata Cinnamon Spiked Coffee

    The cold winter months are medicinesfinder here. Well… winter is near, but darn it it’s pretty cold in many parts of the country already. Ohio, at this time, seems to have an identity crisis going on and can’t figure out if it wants to be in early spring or late fall or winter. It’s rather comical actually.¬† One thing we do know, as a couple, is that we LOVE RumChata and we LOVE coffee. So we thought how tasty would it warm our little souls by teaming these two up. RumChata, mostly made up of horchata, Caribbean rum, real dairy cream ,cinnamon, vanilla and sugar is super delicious on the rocks, but we promise…try this simple recipe and you too are going to feel all warm and cozy inside all winter long sipping on this concoction.


    2 Cups Freshly Brewed Coffee

    2 Tbsp RumChata

    2 Tbsp French Vanilla Creamer

    1 Tbsp Dark Rum

    2 Tbsp Condensed Sweet Milk

    Cinnamon (dash)

    Whipped Cream (garnish)


    Brew  2 cups of coffee to desired strength. (we like it bold)

    In the same coffee pot stir in Rumchata, French Vanilla Creamer, Dark Rum, sweet milk and a small dash of cinnamon. Top with whip cream and sprinkle with cinnamon. Makes to 8 oz cups ENJOY!