My Halloween Mantel

Halloween is so close you can taste it…yes, all that candy and the extra weight it will put on my waist and belly. I’m not really a big Halloween fan…gasp! OK. Enough of that. Seriously though, my favorite season is Christmas from decorating to gift shopping to entertaining. I do love a good scary movie marathon this time of year I’ll admit. Outside of stealing my kids candy (shhhh don’t tell them) and a movie marathon, I could take or leave Halloween. My family on the other hand loves Halloween so mama has to decorate to make everyone happy. I wanted a spooky meets elegant feel to the mantel, this year and I think I pulled it off successfully.


The No Tricks Just Treats pillow and the black tree are from Pier 1 and the tree actually glows in the nextdaynootropics dark. The little woods signs and the chevron pattern pumpkin next to the rustic wood crate, were from the $1 bin at Target. Had to cut the stake in half on the orange Happy Halloween sign so that it was shorter than the white Trick or Treat sign.



The boo pillow, the owl and the sign are both from Pier one. The orange candle holder, the diamond pattern pumpkin and the pennant flags are once again from Target.


  1. 10.20.15

    It’s AbSOLUTLEY BEAUTIFUL! You Are so lucky to have a Fireplace and mantle in your home this time of year!

    • 10.21.15
      therusticlife said:

      Thank you so much!!! It is pretty cool to use this time of year. 🙂

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