My Favorite Mascara


As a Professional Makeup Artist since 2005, I have to say I have tried and retried some of the top mascaras out there. I used to have a favorite from Lancôme but ever since I tried Benefit’s They’re Real mascara a few years back, I have been hooked. I mean hooked. Not only do I use this in my professional makeup kit, but it is also a staple in my personal makeup bag.

For me what really sets this mascara apart from the others is the formula coupled with the brush. The brush is AWESOME because not only does it have little spiky edges that grab the lashes, the tip of the brush has little spikes that allow you to reach the outer corner lashes in a really nice way. The formula is jet black and I really like that as it makes my eye lashes look nice and full. I have really short lashes, so I promise Glammies, if you have that problem too, you will be pleasantly surprised at how it lengthens your lashes. This is a mascara that I recommend over and over for one reason, It never fails. Oh and it doesn’t make your eyelashes clumpy. Hell yeah! I just love it! It cost $23 and can be bought at Benefit counters, online at Benefit, at Sephora and Ulta.


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