• My 2 Fav Style Pieces to Elevate Your Plaid

    Happy Friday loves. In the fall season I love to wear plaid. It seems synonymous with this particular season wouldn’t you say. I used to wear way more plaid that felt like flannel. Nothing wrong with that. Flannel is soft and comfortable so there are no complaints. But over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate plaid shirts that are made of thinner fabrics. I find these types of plaid shirts more layerable since they are less bulky. Two tips I want to share with you on how to elevate your plaid are simple, easy to execute and wear in your daily life. My first tip is to throw on a blazer/jacket. These are pretty much in all womens closets and instantly elevates your plaid. They are particularly in style this year, so finding some really nice ones shouldn’t be a problem at all. My 2nd tip is to throw on a pair of heels. I know, it’s a simple thing, but it really does take your outfit to the next level no matter what you wear. If you really want to have fun with your heels, try a bold color like red, blue or mustard yellow. Its a fun way to bring up your fashionista status.

    fall plaid shirt


    fall plaid shirt smiling

    fall plaid shirt



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