Let’s Go Backstage

I don’t know about you, but even though I don’t mind paying full price for items I just have to have, there is nothing like getting something fabulous at significant savings. Recently I discovered Macy’s Backstage, which offers fashion loving customers another way to shop with a store-within-store shopping experience. I think this is so cool, as many stores that share this type of discounted shopping experience do it with two separate locations. So now on one trip you can shop both Macy’s and Macy’s Backstage. There are 100 of these store-within-store locations across the US and the assortment of merchandise is always changing so returning and going on a treasure hunt to find the latest on-trend merchandise at a discount is just to fun to pass up. I think it’s the perfect start to a Saturday morning. Macy’s Backstage has something for everyone from fashion for men, women and children to home decor and cosmetics (below are some of my favorite pieces I scored on my shopping trip) p.s. you can use your Macy’s credit card there as well which is a bonus. Check out your local Macy’s to see if their store has this shopping experience. Happy treasure hunting loves!

macys backstage

The moment I saw these mercury copper pots I just knew they would fit beautifully in my home decor.

macys backstage

Who doesn’t love a chic black jumper. Scored it for under $40

macys backstageThis juicy candle was is so girly and glam and fit perfectly in my new dressing room/office. Stay tuned for that reveal coming up later this week.

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