How To Design a Modern Farmhouse Art Wall

Hi loves, happy Wednesday. I’m so happy to be able to share with you all my farmhouse art wall that I made over in partnership with The Home Depot. If you follow me over on my Instagram page, then you totally understand some of the changes I’ve made…moving more towards a modern farmhouse vibe.  Last year I updated my sun room. If you missed that update see it here and I really like the way the black wrought iron on the side table looked so it got me thinking about adding more modern touches in other parts of the home. It added a touch of modern to the room and I really fell in love with that. Who knew!  When I wanted to start working on the not so fab wall that was behind the soft, I turned to The Home Depot and started looking on their website to see what I could find.

Since I was going for a modern farmhouse look to the wall there are a few things I wanted to incorporate and you should too if this is a look you are going for:

how to decorate and art wall

1. Incorporate black frames: Adding black into your decor is a surefire way to add a modern feel to a your home. I chose to add black in the form of art with black frames. The FARMER’S MARKET printed wall art is simple and I love how the farmhouse in the Grange Blanche barn wall art looks rustic and well loved. Takes you back to the farm and visions of a more relaxed farmhouse life. I also added more black to the room by hanging this black gate wall art  near the TV.

farmhouse art wall

farmhouse living room

2. Incorporate various textures. I used these metal arrows wall sculptures to do that. Rough texture added a sort of 3D element to the wall and they are not very heavy and easy to hang.

3. Incorporate visuals that feel old/vintage. Add touches of something old to incorporate the farmhouse into modern farmhouse. Try hitting up your local vintage/flea markets as well as your local thrift shops. Look for items that have some patina (rust) and/or old chippy goodness. I used an old window to layer the life is like a camera wall art.

I was really impressed with all the art wall decor that The Home Depot stocks and it was hard to narrow down just a few pieces, but overall I’m happy with how the wall came out with the pieces I went with.

farmhouse living room

I was on an update role, and I’ve been wanting to swap out the old ottoman I had with an actual coffee table and  fell in love with the open feel, clean lines and wood tones of this angle iron barnwood storage coffee table. It’s a well built and solid piece you will enjoy for years to come. The wrought iron frame added just the right amount of texture and modern that I was looking to add in the space.

In the dining room I also decided to add two bacall natural cream cotton blend high back dining chairs to both ends of the table. I only had one tufted chair there before on one end and it felt like the dining room would be more complete with two on either ends.

farmhouse dining room

farmhouse dining room chairs

In the past few years, my home has had a French farmhouse look to it and I’m really loving how adding this decor from The Home Depot has created a more modern flair to my home.

Head on over to the The Home Depot blog, to check out the full reveal.

Sponsored by The Home Depot. All my opinions and experience are my own.


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