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    This time of year graduation for moms around the world can be one of the hardest challenges they will face in their lifetime. For me, my daughter’s graduation was the end of a parenting cycle that started in 1994 when she was born. I had her at 20 years old, not planned, but she was wanted and loved by all of my loved ones in my life. She was a chubby cheeked bundle of joy who made ever moment of being a new mom worth it.

    Through the years, I was blessed enough to have a child that gave me no problems. She was a dedicated and hardworking student that succeedd in school and was popular amongst her classmates. She was lovable, funny, kind, nurturing and someone her friends could always turn to when they needed a level headed person to talk to. Over all my daughter, Gabrielle Pearl Zeigler, was everything a mother could ask for.

    Her graduation from UCONN last Saturday, was so very special to me. To see how she has grown into a lovely young lady with a bright future warms my heart. I wanted to give her something really special for graduation that I hope she will treasure forever. I wanted it to be from the heart. Something she could keep close. What came to mind was a love note. Not just any love note, but one written in my own handwriting. You see, when I lost my mom to cancer, I was only 14 years old. I never really got the chance to get to know her the way I would have liked to. Little things like what her handwriting looked like was something I wish I knew. As small as that is, what I know now as an adult is that knowing what her handwriting looks like isn’t so small. Your handwriting is something unique to only you and it’s one of the things that my daughter instantly recognizes.

    With these thoughts in mind, I partnered up with Framebridge,  who helped me with custom framing a love note for my daughter for one of her graduation presents. They were super easy to work with and I was even lucky enough to have my hand held through the process by Charlotte, when I was having an issue with submitting my photo/PDF. Seriously…the BEST customer service!! I was able to submit my work and receive a proof the very same day. They offered many styles of frames to choose from, but I chose something clean and modern, as she certainly doesn’t have the same rustic chic style as her mama. The quality of the frame and matting are TOP NOTCH and I love everything about how this project came out. Perfection!


    The packaging was snug and done very well. Nothing had a chance of shifting or breaking. Well done.

    custom framing


    TO DO THE NOTE: I used my iPad to write a note on the notes app. I really wanted my handwriting to be used for the note vs. a computer font. I then emailed it to myself as a PDF and then emailed it to Framebridge.


    custom framing

    Last night my daughter received her love note at the end of her graduation party. As expected, as this is both of our favorite mother-daughter photos, the tears started to flow the minute she could see through the bubble wrap. This is something she will forever hold near and dear. She was very happy about the fact that her love note was in my handwriting. A special moment indeed! (MY APOLOGIES FOR THE FOLLOWING NOT SO AWESOME PICS…I WAS IN THE MOMENT WITH MY DAUGHTER AND HAD SOMEONE ELSE TAKING THE PHOTOS)


    custom framing

    custom framing


    custom framing

    I will certainly be using Framebridge again for any future custom framing projects I may have. It has always been more of a hassle to do custom framing, but they have figure out how to make it super easy for us. If you have some custom framing you need done, please feel free to use the below code to receive 15% off your first order, valid through August 31, 2016 (enter TheRusticLife15 at checkout time).

    I hope this post has inspired you to do something special and from the heart for someone you hold near and dear. Life is short. Never forget that.

    This is a sponsored post in partnership with Framebridge, but all thoughts and experiences working with the company are my own.



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