Boho Chic Sunroom Update

Happy Thursday loves! Today I’m delighted to share with you my refreshed boho chic sun room.

As I mentioned in my previous post here, since adding house plants, my home has this new vibe that called for restyling it in a boho chic way.

Even though I can appreciate all styles when it comes to home decor, I never thought I would ever lean towards the modern boho style that I’m newly discovering. It’s still a relaxed and cozy design style like farmhouse, but there is more color and of course, my favorite…texture involved.

Color isn’t for everyone, and I sure thought it wasn’t for me, but by using softer jewel tones vs. bolder ones, that choice has made this boho chic design style one I can embrace for years to come.

boho decor style

I love texture and layering and these two pillows did just what I wanted them to do. The square one brings in a soft jewel tone as well as the pretty textures.

urban outfitters decor

Brass is a very pretty and easy way to add texture and tone to a space. (yes brass would be considered texture even though it’s flat) it creates dimension in a space i.e. texture. You can easily find these at thrift shops and even on Etsy.

boho decor style

Love the way this pillow looked in the space. Not only does it bring in texture, but it adds a pretty blue jewel tone as well which coordinates nicely with the pillow on the loveseat.

bohemian decorating

boho living room



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