Best Kept Waxing Secrets

Happy Sunday loves. On the weekend I tend to take care of a lot of my self care routines like body exfoliating, pedicures and waxing.  I thought it was due time I shared some of my waxing tips/secrets with you, drawing from my 12 years experience as an Esthetician. Hair removal is one of the most popular and most profitable services you can get at a spa or salon. Some people who have never waxed often find body waxing intimidating and therefore they become nervous. No need to fear. Whether you are going in for your first Brazilian/bikini wax or a simple wax of those pesky chin hairs, these are a few tips I think you will find very using in your pursuit of bare happiness.


1. Nowadays, there are really great at home options for waxing out there that use wax just as good as you would find in a professional spa. My go to one for a while now has been not only ones I can get at pro only stores but the Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit has been a lifesaver for me when I’m short on time and don’t have time to heat the wax pot. It’s easy to use, clean up and it’s microwaveable. So if running short on time is an issue, this will help cut down your time. NOTE: Even though the directions will tell you to microwave the wax for a certain amount of time, depending on your microwave, you may have to do it a little or a lot longer. Just be sure to ALWAYS check on it and DO NOT overheat it.

The wax is a pretty blue color and is the same one Bliss uses in their professional spas. It’s a hard wax so no strips are needed. Helpful tips when using hard wax is to test the temperature on your hand before using and also form a thick base on one end of the wax. This creates a base for you to pull at. When waxing, apply the hair in the direction that the hair grows and when removing, pull in the OPPOSITE direction of the hair growth.

2.Take an ibuprofen 30 mins before a body wax to help with pain and inflammation.

3. Exfoliate up to 3 days prior to waxing to help avoid unnecessary irritation to close to getting a wax. Any sooner to your waxing appointment is not good because the process of waxing naturally exfoliates the top layer of the skin.

4. Use a post care serum or cream that helps to inhibit ingrown hairs. These are the worst aren’t they! I LOVE Tend Skin for this. Tend Skin even helps men and even some women who struggle with folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles)

5. Choose to use a hard wax in your most sensitive areas such as your underarms and in your private areas. This wax is ideal over a soft wax for it’s comfort.

All of these are really easy to follow and should help to make your next waxing experience much more pleasurable. For more beauty tips, visit the beauty section on the blog.



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