Beret and Stripes at Maman

grey beret

In high school I fell in love with all things Parisian. So much so that I ended up taking 4 years of Honors French. I must say I was pretty good at it and upon my recent trip to NYC and visiting Maman (which means mother in French) I’m inspired to pick it up again. (did you see my trip there on my instagram story)? I was able to exchange words fluently in French with one of the waiters and it felt mawwwwvelous darling! 🙂 It’s such a beautiful language and I love the easy laid back way of living that is quintessentially the Parisienne life. Now in true Parisian style, you wouldn’t necessarily find in a Parisian’s closet these style of jeans with a very distressed ankle, but I thought these were so fun and went well with the color of the beret. I love the simplicity of this stripped top and it goes with so many styles of jeans/pants and will be good for transitioning into the Spring. Did you know Parisians love stripped shirts? They certainly do. Not quite so much like this one I wore but a classic stripped top is for sure a staple in a Parisian’s closet. When I got dressed the morning I decided to find a nice place in NY to have lunch, I never thought the two (outfit and lunch location) would come together so beautifully. This outfit fittingly perfect to be photographed in the ambiance of Maman.

maman nyc

A few more things I enjoyed about Maman:

  • The staff (so friendly)
  • The variety of lifestyle goods they offered (bath and body, home decor, baby)
  • The atmosphere (so very French including the music and the feeling of being at “home” while there)
  • The food. I’m so big, and I mean so big on food that is made of fresh farm to table ingredients. The food here is not pretentious, just wholesome food as if someone took the time to make you something that is healthy yet delicious.

Maman has several other locations located throughout NYC but I visited the one in Soho. I’m looking forward to checking out some of their other locations in the warmer months of Spring/Summer.

maman nyc

maman nyc

maman nyc

parisian style fashion

This is a must stop location the next time you are in NY. You will have no regrets!



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