3 New Candle Brands For You To Try

Happy Saturday loves, if you follow me regularly on Instagram then you know how much I love candles. I’m one of those people that no matter the time or place, if there is a candle around, it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ll stop, look and sniff. There is just something about candles and how they make me feel. Relaxed and at ease. From the scents to the presentation, I’d say I’m a candle connoisseur and today I’m sharing 3 new favorite brands I discovered last year.


I’ve used the Malin + Goetz skin care products before but never had a chance to try their candles. One day I came home and the hubby had purchased one of their candles for us to try (yeah, he loves candles as much as I do). The scent was Dark Rum. I wasn’t quite sure what to think of the scent but boy was I pleasantly surprised. It smelled amazing, soft and a touch of sweet. The bergamot and vanilla mixed in create a beautiful aroma. The scent throw is tops and not overpowering at all. They are priced a bit higher than most candles, but the quality, burn time and scent throw is worth every penny. They have a wide variety of scents that I know you will love.



Known for their clean, earth friendly and healthy cleaning products, Mrs Meyer’s, with their garden inspired scents, surprised me with how good the scent throw was for the price. With a price range from $7.99 – $9.99, I honestly wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise, they are really good. We burned the the Iowa Pine scent all through December and loved it so much that we got another. This is an affordable brand that I think is a must try.


I’ve known about Antique Candle Works candles for a long time and just hadn’t given them a try yet. While looking for candles for my flower studio business, I contacted them to see about carrying the line. I was sent some full size jars (clean cotton and fall harvest) both smell amazing and love love love them. Again, the scent throw is wonderful and I love that they are soy candles. They burn clean and evenly so you get a full burn. The cost for each is between $9 and $16 and they make the perfect house warming or birthday gift cause they are so darn cute. p.s. We will be carrying them in our new boutique and on our flower truck when it hits the road again this Spring.

These are some of my new favs and hope you are inspired to give them a try.



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